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Rufus on the set in the '60s

Rufus on the set… in the ’60s, we believe.
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4 Responses to Television Stories

  1. ali says:

    In the torturous years of getting to work around 5am (NOT being a morning person) the only inspiration to get me there was envisioning Rufus’ smiling face each morning. I never could figure how he could be so eternally cheerful and creative that early in the morning, but he’ll forever be my inspiration–in so very many ways. Lucky Daneen waking up to dear Rufe every morning. I adore Rufus and expect he’s out fishing somewhere beyond the universe laughing at us while we all sing his praises.

    We love ya, kiddo.

    Sincerely, Ali

  2. Hendricks says:

    Kelly & I have fond memories of our early television years at KGO, and of Rufus’ indomitable wit and positive personality. He always made us feel good, no matter how tense or ridiculous things were. He made live TV seem like a walk in the park.

    We admired his strength in keeping DGA around in this market as we saw all the other broadcast unions fall victim to the bottom line.

    Today, you won’t find many people in the media community like Rufus.

    What a Golden Era and what a wonderful man!

    We are saddened by his passing and grateful to have known him!

  3. karen says:

    A couple of years ago, Dad and I had the occasion to visit KATU in Portland. Before our arrival, I informed a KATU employee that “one of the pioneers of KATU” was going to be afoot. Word quickly circulated, and much to my delight, we learned that the director of AM Northwest, Steve Mueller, remembered Dad from those days. Steve recalled working on sets for the “Presenting …” specials Dad directed, including the show starring my aunt, “Presenting … Beth Pederson.” It was great to listen to the two of them share memories and tell stories.

    Steve asked me to share this:

    “I wanted to share my experience with Rufe. I was nineteen and a music student when I first came to work at K-2. Even though I had worked at the local PBS station I had little interest in make television a career. Working with Rufe on his three music specials over the next couple of summers showed me the connection between directing a choir or orchestra and a television program. I went on to get my music degree and it has allowed me to combine my two loves, music and television, and become a much better director over the years. Thanks Rufe.”

  4. AryeDirect says:


    Have been thinking about you recently, and just learned you’ve moved off. Will miss you. You always had that childlike curiosity, and love for all things creative. Yours is a generous soul. Wherever you are, there must be laughter following.

    Thanks for who you have been in your last lifetime. What glorious stories you must be telling now.

    Catch you later, in that place where there is no space or time.

    Leslie Michael Bender

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